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Health risks are manageable. We are here to make sure that good health is achievable for you.
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Inspired by the lack of health awareness and growing concerns among middle-aged citizens, GHIA Healthy Solutions was founded to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle through education and helpful products.

‘Because Good Health Is Achievable’

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We offer innovative health solutions and products from unique brands to help you regain control of your health.

Our strong partnership with various supplier brands, allows its customers to easily find different health products and services that match their needs all in one place.
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We need your help in spreading more health awareness and knowledge to the society.

Become a health advocate and help others take control of their own health with us today.
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Join our class today and learn how to take control of your life and achieve your health & wellness goals!
  • Lessons designed from science-based facts
  • Learn how to empower your health and develop a better lifestyle
  • Interactive online learning environment that is convenient and fun
  • Helps you find the motivation and encouragement needed to make lasting changes
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"We are thrilled with the 24/7 training, the videos, archived training calls, product information, and the ability to track contacts and send out great information. It’s all so amazing and just makes a 100% difference in our Juuva business!"

Michelle S, Juuva's Summit Success Partnership

"Juuva is an amazing company! Juuva's health and wellness products are second to none and the customer service is spectacular! If you're looking for something new and great in your life, look no further!"

Beau S., Actual Juuva Product User

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Health Concerns

Obesity: A Threat Beyond Cosmetic Concerns

Obesity is a health problem that requires immediate and strict actions to combat against. Not only will it give you appearance problems, it can also bring you harmful conditions that can severely impair your health. Luckily, you only need to change your eating behavior and exercising routines, together with the use of helpful medications and supplements to remedy the problem.


Managing Your Diets: Why Nutritions Matter

Similar to a machine, our human body requires power sources to fuel our daily functions. We get such energy from our daily food consumption. Once ingested, they are broken down, digested and have their nutrients absorbed before being converted into usable energy. This means that everything we eat can affect our body in one way or another, just like how the saying goes “We are what we eat”.

Skin Health

Basic Knowledge For Proper Skin Care

Taking good care of your skin doesn’t only help improve your appearance, it also elevates your health. As the largest organ in our body, the skin’s primary function is to protect us from outside elements such as germs and other harmful substances. Without our skin acting as a barrier, we would face the risk of getting infected all the time. Therefore, it is highly important that we know and understand how to properly maintain our skin in good health.

Meet Derek

As a 30-year IT professional, I’ve seen the benefits of technology and the jobs it has created for the betterment of people across the globe.

Across my career, I’ve served in the military and private sector fixing systems in aircraft communications, global a/v, IT facilities management and most recently university instruction focusing on the fundamentals of IT with some of tomorrow’s brightest engineers.

Unfortunately, I have also personally experienced and observed many of us in the workforce lose sight of our health. While our careers provide us stability and comfort, they also require long hours disallowing us from putting our personal wellness first.

To help me with my mission to change this , I've created GHIA Healthy Solutions over a decade ago and became a certified health coach in 2020.

We are a health and wellness education company that creates awareness, provides coaching, and introduces our clients to some of the best health products on the market.

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